Joe Fisco

Joe Fisco

VP, Director of Safety & Health

What brought you to First Foundation?

The opportunity to work with talented professionals, who have embraced a shared vision of serving clients with innovative solutions, while creating value for the organization and its stakeholders.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

The most rewarding part of my job is creating a trusted environment where team members are comfortable sharing positive and not-so positive learning experiences for the betterment of themselves, the team, our clients and First Foundation.

What professional accomplishment are you most proud of?

The accomplishments I am most proud of are those where I mentored individuals to reach their potential and become successful professionals within our industry.

What is your favorite book and why?

My favorite book is “The Robe”. As a lover of Roman History, I have read it five times. It is a fictitious story based on non-fictional characters. Roman warrior, Marcellus Gallio, becomes the owner of the robe of Christ at the crucifixion. The story is one of courage and inspiration as Marcellus finds the true meaning of the love behind The Robe and its Owner.

What is the best advice you have ever been given?

“Put your chin up and act like you are going somewhere”. It came from a little but mighty elderly lady who understood and overcame adversity. This advice has served me well both personally and professionally.

Who do you respect most in the industry and why?

The person I respect most in the industry is a former Unit Manager I worked with earlier in my career. This brilliant minded professional taught me how to evaluate clients’ risks and to realize that, if you think outside the norm, anything is possible in formulating the appropriate insurance program. Their interest and encouragement in my success has been invaluable.


Joe Fisco joins First Foundation, Inc. with over twenty years of management and loss control experience across different business entities.

Originally from New York, Joseph began his career as a specialist in the security/loss prevention field providing management and liaison support to clients at some of the largest retailers in New York City. He was tasked with reviewing their loss control programs and making needed improvements to help reduce their overall loss experience. Joe discovered his passion for safety and helping others when he was in a facilities management position that included additional responsibilities in the risk management arena. Joe is trained and certified in First Aid-CPR, OSHA compliance and as a Fire Safety Director.

After moving cross-country to California, Joe took a position as the Director of Loss Prevention for Hospitality Company and received the American Hotel and Lodging Association's designation of Certified Lodging Security Director. As chairperson of the Safety Committee, Joe oversaw the company's loss control efforts, compliance auditing processes and was responsible for handling all claims.

As a natural progression, Joe was recruited and hired as a loss control consultant at a property and casualty broker specializing in Hospitality. He spearheaded and video production program for the loss control division. When Joe became the senior loss control manager, he focused on behavior - based safety and ergonomics program initiatives for their clientele.

Joe currently provides service in OSHA regulatory and rules compliance, safety inspections, worker's compensation injuries and claims management, ergonomic/behavior based safety, job hazard analysis, emergency response planning and training, CCTV, security training, liability issues and industry best practices.