Executive Liability

The corporate governance role is here to stay within the enterprise. Proper selection of the most appropriate insurance coverage for directors and officers is very important. First Foundation’s leadership has served as a valued voice in some of the most prominent corporate governance organizations, in fact, we have nationally recognized experience understanding board dynamics, governance, structure and as it relates to insurance, how to properly transfer the risk.

Our group has decades of combined experience to help navigate insurance policies and proper placements. We have claim advocates and alignments with coverage attorneys to make the product perform. We listen to our clients and through our experience have developed proprietary solutions to address industry language deficiencies with policy forms. As an award winning team of thought leaders on governance issues and trends, we share our knowledge with clients and assist them in developing best practices in the area of corporate governance or eventual succession planning. Our long term relationships with the insurance underwriting community translates into better results for our clients both in structuring coverage and in the unlikely event of a claim.