Report A Claim

When claims do occur, our claims advocates will take on the burden of navigating the claims process. Our goal is to protect your interests. One way we do that is by determining if there are other parties who are also liable for a loss being brought against you. From managing third party claims to reviewing litigation and conferring with defense counsel if needed, our in-house advisors will help expedite the claims process.

The following forms are available to help you initiate the process of reporting a claim.

  1. Please complete the proper incident reporting form below with the known information for the incident.

    • Property Incident Report Form (PDF)
    • Auto Incident Report Form (PDF)
    • General Liability Incident Report Form (PDF)
    • Carrier Contact Information (PDF)
  2. Once completed, please direct the form(s) back to your team at First Foundation via email or fax along with any additional documents (lawsuits, invoices, photos, etc.).
  3. Contact your carrier and notify them of the claim.

Need your Insurance Carrier contact info?

If so, access your secure personal client portal with your insurance carrier(s) reporting information and all your policy info conveniently available to you 24/7.

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