Small Business

Solutions Tailored to Your Business

The First Foundation advantages we have built from the ground up shift down to our clients, who reap the benefits of consuming clear and concise risk management communication. For a new venture or small business it is increasingly important to have access to the best real time risk management practices available to you. The potential for financial disaster to happen due to an uncovered claim is tremendous if a poor insurance program is selected. We help our clients understand their insurance spend, total cost of risk, and identify proper risk control measures to help protect the business for a long time. This allows our clients to focus on what they do best, their business. Our detailed analysis leads to cost reductions, loss preventions, and claim advocacy – This is what we call true risk management, delivered.

We believe awareness of one’s financial health is the first step to any plan. Our strategic risk management audit process helps establish baselines and identifies coverage alternatives for our clients.

Our service capabilities include:

  • New venture consultation on insurance needs
  • Stewardship reports to identify areas of coverage needed, potential improvements or gaps in risk transfer coverage’s in place
  • Supply Chain analysis to identify business interruption risks, including comprehensive risk & loss advisory services, with on-site compliance audits.
  • Cloud based solutions such as our client portals
  • Access to our proprietary online risk management center, giving our clients real time solutions to mitigate risk 24/7
  • Depth of professional bench with decades of underwriting, financial and risk management backgrounds
  • Premium Financing – both in house and with outsourced vendors allowing advantageous cash flow to the business if any pay in full policies are needed to transfer risk.
  • Other financial services including; Banking, Wealth Management, Trust Services, Consulting andSuccession Planning, and Philanthropy
  • And much more …

How can we help you?

Ask us about providing a complimentary review of the current insurance program placements and policies. We know what to look for and our technical expertise ensures that we will find any existing shortcomings.