Private Client Services

We provide insurance and risk management strategies to individuals, families and family office entities. Our firm was built to cater to high net worth clients with complex financial and insurance needs that many brokers can’t offer. All under one roof.

Our professional full service team is responsible for protecting and insuring our clients’ most vital interests— reputations, finances and investments, homes and collections. Our team can extend beyond insurance to our wealth managers, financial advisors, private bankers, trust and estate planning attorneys, to ensure that your financial health and well being is being achieved and to prevent any coverage gaps.

Our goal is to obtain the most effective protection and premiums, as efficiently as possible, even for assets that are unusual, unique or difficult to insure. We present a unique and comprehensive program of exceptional quality using our insurance expertise to provide protection and peace of mind. Our experience working with all major insurance carriers enables us to facilitate the best insurance program for even the most complex and sophisticated need.

Our range of services includes:

  • Personal Asset Protection
  • High Limits Personal Umbrella
  • Homeowners
  • Rental Properties
  • Course of Construction
  • Earthquake and Flood
  • Valuable Collections
  • Auto
  • Travel
  • Yacht
  • Aircraft
  • Personal risk management advocacy
  • Providing protection and peace of mind for what's most important to you. We believe you should take full advantage of the hard work that has given you the rewards of such – To aim high, and risk less. From collecting vintage cars to globetrotting with grandkids, we specialize in protecting the people and assets you love most. Our services ensure customized and strategic program design along with the safety and security of partnering with world class service providers.
  • Simplifying your life so you can spend time enjoying it. We examine your entire personal insurance profile for gaps in coverage and build a comprehensive program to cover all of your assets. We are experts in strategizing and customizing a solution to protect your lifestyle and your assets. We specialize in attentive service and quick resolution. One team to contact for all of your insurance needs.
  • Comprehensive resources for all aspects of your life. Home, auto, collections, umbrella liability, financial solutions – let our insurance experts design a program that addresses all aspects of your life, from the professional to the personal.

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Additional Information

Successful people often share a common trait: Optimism. We meet with people daily who dreamed the impossible dream, and though there were some bumps along the journey, their unwavering positivity made dreams come true. We’ve also noticed that when it comes to protecting their hard-earned assets, this eternal optimism can leave them vulnerable. Unfortunately, we live in a litigious society where one personal lawsuit can undo years of hard work and cause significant financial damage to even the wealthiest individuals. Without proper coverage, they leave can potentially leave themselves unprotected.

One way to assess whether you have enough protection is to consider your net worth. For example, a client has a net worth of $10M, yet their current plan only provides $500,000 underlying liability for their personal home and auto coverage. This leaves $9.5M of their personal net worth exposed.

In a lawsuit, a limit of $500,000 is almost worthless if the claim is over their covered limits. Therefore, it is wise to consider an umbrella/excess liability policy which gives you added protection if you are sued. An excess liability policy kicks in when the underlying limits on your home or auto policy have been exhausted.  An umbrella policy fills in the gaps in coverage.

If you are ever involved in a lawsuit, you need to be prepared. More often than not, people are sued and don’t have extra protection to block the plaintiff from going after personal assets. While it may be difficult to think of a situation where you may not be covered, consider the following real life scenarios.

Your teenage child recently got his/her license and injures a pedestrian. Over $1M was recently awarded to a pedestrian after they were struck by the vehicle and unable to perform their job duties.

Your dog bites and injures your neighbor’s child. A similar situation yielded a $466,000 settlement.

You are playing golf and injure another player. A recent incident awarded $5M to the injured player.

With an adequate umbrella/excess liability policy in place, the assets of the families involved would be protected.

As a rule of thumb, the amount of coverage you select should equal or exceed your net worth. For example, if you have $5M dollars in personal assets, we would recommend a minimum of $5M in coverage. Most individuals neglect to raise their insurance protection as their net worth has increased over time.  Umbrella/excess liability coverage is an extremely economical way to provide additional protection for you and your family.

Having increased coverage doesn’t mean anything bad will happen. It just means that in addition to being eternally optimistic, you are also well-prepared.